Blood Alcohol Proficiency Testing Program

The Blood Alcohol Proficiency Testing Program has been operating since 1993 and is currently prepared three times per year. Each round
includes two spiked aqueous alcohol samples and two spiked blood alcohol samples, each containing ethanol covering a range of concentrations.

Samples are dispatched via pre-paid Express Post to Australian facilities, and dispatched via courier for overseas facilities. Blood Alcohol rounds are open for five weeks.

Results must be submitted by 1700 Sydney time on the given due date (a Friday) in order to be included in the reporting round. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

At the conclusion of each round, a report will be prepared and published on the Austox website for participants to access. This report will
include information on preparation, result information and an indication of performance determined using robust statistical analysis. 


Prices for Blood Alcohol sets are below. Participants are able to purchase a second set of samples for an additional price, and as such a second set of results must be submitted with each round.


Program Set Price ($AUD;excl GST)
Blood Alcohol single Set $785.00
Blood Alcohol 2nd Set Additional $280.00


International participants will incur an additional "once off" $AUD 300 in annual courier charges regardless of the number of programs.  This charge does not apply to the Urine Toxicology program.