Urine Toxicology Proficiency Testing Program

The Urine Toxicology Proficiency Testing Program is the longest run program offered, having been operating since 1981. The Urine Toxicology program is both a quantitative and qualitative program, and consists of eleven rounds each year (no samples are required for January).

Participants receive three urine samples each round; two pooled samples and one spiked sample. Substances included in the trial are based on the AS 4308 requirements.

Each round is open up until 5:00pm on the 27th of each month (Sydney time)Late submissions will NOT be accepted.


Participants in the program are required to analyse samples and submit results online via the website using their facility’s credentials to log on.

Individual qualitative results and a group quantitative report are currently posted to participants.
A copy of the quantitative report is also uploaded to the FASS Austox website and is accessible using the links above.

Prices for Urine Toxicology sets are below.


Program Price ($AUD; incl GST)
Australian participants $1300.00
International participants $1700.00


For more information on the program, download the AUSTOX Urine Toxicology Guidelines.