The Austox programs are provided by the Quality Management Unit (QMU) of Forensic & Analytical
Science Service (FASS).

Austox comprises of five proficiency testing programs available to domestic and international forensic, pathology and point-of-care
testing facilities. Currently, international regions involved in the program include the Asia-Pacific region and the United Kingdom.

The five programs available are the:

  • Blood Alcohol Proficiency Testing Program;
  • Forensic Toxicology Proficiency Testing Program;
  • Drugs & Driving Toxicology Proficiency Testing Program;
  • Oral Fluid Proficiency Testing Program; and
  • Urine Toxicology Proficiency Testing Program.

The QMU is independent from other FASS laboratories and has direct access to staff with expertise in the relevant toxicology

Participants in our programs are issued login credentials upon subscription to any of the Austox programs, with which they can
access the result submission page and view various reports.
To submit results or view reports, login using the Members Portal link above